How to handle podcasts with a Windows Mobile Smartphone

For english speaking readers (as some of you asked me)

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For english speaking readers (as some of you asked me)

If you own a Windows Mobile Smartphone/PDAphone such as for example the Imate SP5 (aka Qtek 8310) or Qtek 9100, following this little guide of mine, you can handle podcats exactly the same way you should with an iPod, while benefitting from the true advantages of podcasting, namely:

  • RSS/podcast feed subscription
  • new audio streams automatic update
  • mp3 files automatic loading and synchronization on your smartphone
  • "a la carte" listening of your podcasts on your smartphone

So, how does it work?
First of all the described method hereafter has some restrictions:

  • you must install Windows media player 10 on your PC
  • your smartphone must also run Windows media player 10, which is the case on all Windows Mobile 5 devices and perhaps on some other upgraded previous smartphones, please check with yours.
  • Here’s a short list od devices including Windows media player 10 available:
    • SPV Orange C600
    • SPV Orange M3000
    • Qtek 9000 (aka Imate Jasjar)
    • Qtek 9100 (aka Imate k-Jam)
    • Qtek 8310 (aka Imate SP5)
    • Qtek 8300 (aka Imate SP5M)
    • Qtek S100 and Qtek S110 (aka Imate Jam)

So let’s do it :

  • Go to the /My Documents/My Music folder and create a new folder. Name it podcasts (for instance)
  • then, download and install Juice podcasts reader (formerly named Ipodder). It is free and settles in a few seconds
  • once installed, launch it and go to File/Preferences and in "Download podcasts into this folder", show the path of the folder you have just created, which looks like C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\My documents\My music\podcasts.
  • Click on Save.
  • Once these settings carried out, choose a podcast to which to subscribe for testing, Europe 1 for instance.
  • Click on the small Podcasts logo: a window opens and tells to copy-paste RSS/Podcast feed URL in your podcasts reader here (for example:
  • Open Juice, click on the small green cross (Add has feed), a window opens, paste the URL you copied from Europe 1 in the URL field
  • Click on Save: the podcast is subscribed, now you just have to download it in Juice: select it by clicking once
  • Click on orange button (2nd from the left), then OK: a downloading window opens and the file loads in your Juice
  • File is downloaded
  • Close Juice
  • Connect your smartphone to your PC if it is not already done
  • Now open Windows media player on your PC
  • Click on the Synchronize icon, then on Set-up synchronization so as to establish a partnership between Windows media player and your smartphone. Choose Storage Card in the right side window so that all the synchronized files go directly and automatically on your storage card.
  • A first set-up synchronization may launch out automatically, let it go, answer what if there are any questions
  • Still in Windows media player, click on Synchronization Settings and if everything is ok you should see "Europe_1_Best_of_chroniques 6h00_7h30…" display in the Selections list.
  • Check this selection and the Automatically Synchronize the mobile device one
  • Validate: synchronization between Media player and your smartphone should start automatically via Active Sync and the mp3 podcasts files should ripp on your mobile
  • You are done, take your smartphone now, launch Windows media player, click on My Selections and you should see your new podcast in the list. If not the click on update library.

This handling and parameter settings can sound a little complicated but they are not, and you will have to do them only once for each new podcast subscription: once subscribed to a feed, you do not have anything more to do, but open Juice and refresh your feeds as you should with any agregator. And still, with the many options included in Juice, Windows Player Media and Active Sync, you can make it completely automatic (Juice can launch with Windows, automatic downloads in Juice, automatic synchronization with Active Sync).


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